Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters


L.J. Wing Steam/Hot water Unit Heaters are mounted in the truss or ceiling areas. They deliver heated air to floor levels using either revolving discharge (type HCR) or fixed discharge (type HCF). Positrack gear-driven revolving discharge provides uniform air distribution projecting the air from mounting heights of up to 73 feet while maintaining near zero stratification. Since L.J. Wing Heaters offer greater capacities and heat larger areas, fewer units are required to satisfy any plant heating needs.


  • Fixed or rotating discharges
  • Low floor-to-ceiling temperature differentials
  • Coverage up to 195' x 195' with a standard heater
  • 60,000 to 1,406,200 Btu/hr with a 5 PSI Steam
  • Summer air circulation
How It Works

LJ Wing unit heaters offer motor options

LJ Wing unit heaters are available with TEFC, open, or drip proof motors.