Who We Are

LJ Wing invented the integral face and bypass coil concept 50 years ago to protect air handler coils from freezing when handling large amounts of outside air. See our product catalog to view the full range of heating, ventilating and air conditioning components. LJ Wing steam or hot water integral face and bypass coils have been used in air handlers for medical buildings, laboratories, university research centers, and everyday commercial buildings for years. Other LJ Wing products such as our steam or hot water unit heaters have been used to provide heating and tempered outside air for warehouses, distribution centers, schools, factories, wastewater treatment plants, and aircraft hangers. Door heaters and air curtains suitable for openings as large as aircraft are also available. Finally, LJ Wing has developed a line of products for preheating combustion air as a means to improve operating efficiency of boilers.

LJ Wing HVAC products have one of the lowest warranty cost histories in the industry. As the inventor of the category LJ Wing understands how to prevent coil freeze up better than anyone. IFB and VIFB integral face and bypass coil selections are made simpler through the use of the LJ Wing Specifier software that can be downloaded free from this website.