High Mount Gas Heater ("HMG")


High Mounted Series heaters are specifically designed for aircraft hangars and very high ceiling installations. Units consist of a gas heating section along with high performance revolving discharge section for projection and air distribution. Units can be used for mounting heights of up to 120 feet. while maintaining near zero temperature stratification. High Mounted Series units are equipped with a backward inclined fan section for high airflow capacity and quiet operation.


  • Outlet capacity selection from 320,000 up to 1,280,000 Btu/hr
  • Revolving discharges provide uniform heating
  • Summer ventilation
  • Floor coverage up to 21,000 sq. ft.
  • Low floor to ceiling temperature differential
  • Standard designs available for 65 to 120 feet mounting heights.
  • Independently furnace operation for reliability
How it's Made

Up to 4 indirect gas fired duct furnaces can be combined to provide heat for very high spaces.

The LJ Wing GA unit comes with up to 4 indirect gas fired duct furnaces that operate at 80% efficiency. Furnaces include intermittent electronic ignition, power venting with vent pressure switch, high temperature limit switch, and aluminized steel heat exchangers.

Where to Use It

A gas fired heating system designed specifically for very tall spaces.

The unique LJ Wing HMG indirect gas fired industrial heater was designed to provide unusually high spaces with a broad and even temperature spread. Spaces such as commercial aircraft hangers or maintenance facilities are typical examples of where the HMG might be deployed.