Gas-Fired Unit Heaters


L. J. Wing Gas-Fired (GA) heaters with revolving discharges distribute heated air over an expansive floor area without the use of ductwork. To accomplish this, two or four duct furnaces are clustered around a fan plenum. Axial or centrifugal fans are used in conjunction with an inlet venturi to deliver air with low power consumption.

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  • Outlet capacity selection from 320,000 up to 1,280,000 Btu/hr
  • Revolving discharges provide uniform heating
  • Summer ventilation
  • Floor coverage up to 21,000 sq. ft.
  • Low floor to ceiling temperature differential
  • Standard designs available for 15 to 65 feet mounting heights.
  • Independently furnace operation for reliability
  • Combination door and space heating
How it's Made

LJ Wing GA units provide indirect gas fired heating at up to 80% efficiency.

The LJ Wing GA unit comes with up to 4 indirect gas fired duct furnaces that operate at 80% efficiency. Furnaces include intermittent electronic ignition, power venting with vent pressure switch, high temperature limit switch, and aluminized steel heat exchangers.

Widespread temperature distribution

The addition of the LJ Wing revolving discharge provides large floor coverage at even temperatures.

The unique LJ Wing revolving discharge used in the GA gas fired unit heater rotates slowly to provide 360 degree floor coverage as illustrated in this CFD modeling image.

How it's Made

The high torque, low rpm, rack and pinion system of the Wing revolving discharge system.

The LJ Wing revolving discharge system has been in existence over 30 years, providing an airflow pattern that mimics a ceiling fan but covers large areas from tall mounting heights. The heart of the revolving discharge is the high torque motor that is "geared down" to turn the discharge system at roughly 1 revolution per minute.