Door Heaters


L.J. Wing Door Heaters are specifically designed to blanket a doorway with high velocity warm air and temper the cold air that would normally enter. Units are also available with Vari-jet discharges that automatically adjust to meet door heating or space heating requirements.

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  • Factory adjusted heating surface to match job specifications
  • 14' wide x 24' high door coverage with a single unit
  • Free floating tubes
  • Heavy duty construction
How Does it Work?

LJ Wing door heaters incorporate the proven LJ Wing steam or hot water coil technology that has been an industry standard for over 50 years.

LJ Wing door heaters are a factory assembled and tested combination of blower and steam or hot water coil in a single housing. Air discharge can be custom designed by the project engineer or contractor or selected from one the options available from LJ Wing.

How do I select an appropriate size?

Door heaters are typically selected using a couple of key factors.

This illustration shows that door heaters are selected based upon the door width and height that is to be heated and available steam pressure or hot water temperature. LJ Wing door heater model numbers are shown as typical selections. You should consult with your consultants and LJ Wing to confirm proper selection.

How It Works

Door heaters are typically mounted above and near the door opening.

This photo shows a typical LJ Wing door heater mounted near and above the top level of the door to be heated. The variable discharge blades can be aimed to provide the best coverage and optimum protection of the door opening.