High Static Fresh Air Supply Units For Stairwells

Use excess boiler or steam capacity and Save...

The High Static Fresh Air Supply (HS FAS) is a versatile heating system for pressurizing and tempering stairwells. Unlike, other make up air ventilation systems that require additional fuel or electricity for comfort heating, the HS FAS employs the market leading Integral Face and Bypass Coil technology, using excess boiler hot water or steam to warm the stairwell, Saving building owners millions over the lifetime of the unit.

The High Static Fresh Air Supply
  1. Efficiently delivers make-up air to the exact requirements of the stairwell while dynamically adjusting, every time a door is opened, for the resulting swings in temperature and pressure.
  2. Blocks smoke and odors from entering the stairwell by delivering pressurized MERV 10 filtered make up air, ensuring fresh tempered air in the stairwell under the most extreme outdoor conditions.
  3. Integrates with both pneumatic controls for retrofits with historic or older mechanical installations, and with digital (DDC) electronic controls.
  4. Prevents freezing of valuable fire protection equipment including standpipes in stairwell shaft, floors and walls.
  5. Offering design flexibility, requiring no floor space, small wall openings, and a variety of ducting configurations for single and multiple stairwell injections.

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