High Static Fresh Air Supply Units

The High Static Fresh Air Supply (HS FAS) provides a versatile heating system for applications requiring the ducting or filtering of make-up air. Supporting up to MERV 10 filters or 2.5 inches of ducted static pressure, the HS FAS is the perfect make-up air heater for interior rooms such as kitchens, painting, plating, welding, etching, and other food or chemical processing facilities.

Product Details:
  • Delivering 2.0" to 2.5" of static, allowing the unit to be located in the middle of a large space or ducted to a location inside the space.
  • Unique integral and bypass damper modulated, air flow system, over hot water or steam, 3/8" fin tube IFB coil to regulate the outlet temperature.
    L.J. Wing Fresh Air Supply Units
  • High efficiency EC plenum fan.
  • Horizontal package comes with a 45 degree inlet hood, space for a mixing box, and filters.
  • Two versions of controls are available:
    • Constant volume Airflow, delivering the catalog CFM regardless of static pressure.
    • True DDC operation allowing the unit to integrate with an existing building management system or act as a standalone control.
  • Ranges from 855 CFM to 10,000 CFM.

Click here to see our Fresh Air Supply that provides many of the benefits shown here for applications requiring no filtration and access to an outside wall or ceiling.



  • Allows make up air to reach interior rooms.
  • Supports up to MERV10 filters.
  • Efficiently matches make-up air to the requirements of the room or application.
  • Lower power consumption than traditional solutions.
  • Offers freeze protection of unit and surrounding area, improving the reliability and safety of boiler and turbine room operations.
  • Controllable by boiler and building management system.
  • Standalone system if required.
  • Real time communication of unit's status.
  • Controls temperature and airflow separately.
  • Offering design flexibility, requiring no floor space and small wall openings.
  • Easy Global Shipping